info-Montreal: Olen Cesari performed for Italian Canadian Community

The long journey of Olen started with the amazing concert on Canergie Hall on December 6th, where he performed with the great talents, in front of 2800 guests. The energy and emotions transmitted by the violin of Olen Cesari made the public stand up and clapping loudly to ask for more performances from this great talent. 

Photo: Olen Cesari, Michel Rodi & Lavinia Mancusi

Olen Cesari, performed last night December 14 at Casa Italia, on a private concert. The Casa Italia is a 120 years old hitorical building located in corner Jean Talon, Montreal. 

The guests invited at this special event were Italian Embassy and great public from the Italian-Canadian Community.

The performance of Olen Cesari started with: 

Italian pieces called – Anima e Cuore. than continued with Argentina piece – Called Libertango.

The Albanian love song modified with the music from north and middle of Albanian folk alternated with “Moj e bukura More” which electrified the public. 

Olen also performed the songs from the region of Napoli. These songs were performed with lots of love and emotion from the magic lips of Lavinia Mancusi

Other performance at the concert was – Hava Nagila, the most famous Juives song, the public lived these moments with Olen and they clapped and gave standing ovations non stop.

The talented Michael Rodi was loved by the public, with his playful hands on the piano and many expressions in his face. 

While expressing his emotions of this beautiful music which literally broke down the piano. 

For more amazing pieces by Olen Cesari, Michel Rodi & Lavinia Mancusi, we will welcome you tonight at L’Entrepot, Lachine 19:30.


Canada, 15 December 2016

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info-Montreal: Olen Cesari will be performing in Montreal, Thursday December 15, 2016

He lives in Rome but he performs all over the world. He has performed in more than 100 countries all over the world. He is in a North American tour and comming after a successfull performance in New York. He is a virtuous player of the acustic violin and electronic one, and it’s a contemporary instrumentist that bends the bounderies of music. 

To understand better who Mr. Cesari is, he plays the violin since three years old, by the age of five he held his first performance in public and his first recital concert by the age of seven, he finished the Accademy of Arts in Albania by the age of 14 years old meanwhile his classmates where 21 years old. He than moved in 1989 with a scholarship to study in Rome. Afterwords he finished two other Conservatories of Music (Conservatory of Roma). Cesari travelled and performed around the world with the famous italian artist singer, song writter composer Lucio Dalla. 

He comes to Montreal for the first time this thursday with two other artists, accompanied in piano by Michael Rodi and with the exceptional singers voice of Lavinia Mancusi.

This event is organized by Albanian Cultural Association of Montreal.


Canada, December 2016

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