Albania was admitted as member of the League of Nations on February 17th 1921.

We have to be thankfull for this to Colonel the Hon. Aubrey Herbert the mastermind, initiator and founder of the Anglo-Albanian Association. Started three years earlier on February 28th, 1918 when the Association called a meeting at the House of Commons. The purpose was the reconstruction of society “for maintaining the rights and welfare of Albania”.*

In this meetings there were present: Lord Lamington, Major the Hon. George Peel, M.P., Mr. H. W. Nevinson, Mr. Mark Judge and joint Hon. Secretaries M. Edith Durham with Mr. Paget. The executive council was formed by Colonel Herbert as President, Lord Lamington Vice-President, Dr. C. W. Cunnington, Mr Morton F.Eden, Colonel the Hon. Walter Guinness, M.P. ( now Lord Moyne), Colonel the Hon Cuthbert James, M.P., Mr. Mark Judge, Mr. C. F. Ryder, Mr. E. McRury, Major George Paget and General George Phillips. The Hon. W. Ormesby Gore, M.P., (now Lord Harlech), Lord Treowen, Sir Samuel Hoare, M.P., Colonel Amery, M.P., and other members of the Association. Thanks to the guiding force and influential friends of Colonel Herbert in both Houses, Albania became a member of the League of Nations.

We should be thankfull also to the important role of secretarial work of M. E. Durham which regularly wrote to the media, Individuals or drafting questions as directed to the Council and we can finally read them nowdays.

The Anglo-Albanian Society terminated its work after the recognition of Albania by the League of Nations (1919 – 20th Avril 1946) an Intenational Organisation that existed before and later was replaced by the United Nations.


Article: New Times and Ethiopia News, October 1941
Miss Durham and Albania

Book: M. Edith Durham “Albania and The Albanians” Selected Articles and Letters 1903-1944, Introduction by Harry Hodgkinson, Edited by Bejtullah Destani. 2001 The Centre for Albanian Studies.
*Pages 205-206

Link:League of Nations, Wikipedia, October 11th 2013
League of Nations

In this photo the House of Edith Durham which was the administrative base of the Anglo-Albanian Society from 1918 to 1921.
71, Belsize Park Gardens, London NW3

A summary by Ermir Dardha
October 12th, 2013

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